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James C. Schaap


The Studio

Way back when, I remember Richard Mouw once saying that the whole Christian world would be better off if we'd…
June 15, 2012

Moving Drama

Rained here Saturday night. My father-in-law's little gauge--the old farmer in him couldn't really live without one--registered three-quarters of an…
May 31, 2012


Just a week or so ago, Frederick Manfred would have celebrated his 100th birthday, had he lived. He didn't.  He died…
May 17, 2012

Good Friday

I envy monastics--sometimes. I envy their intent to zero in on the Christian faith, to delete every iota of worldly…
April 6, 2012

In just spring

Maybe a good teacher could have tried it, some whirling dervish with Obama’s eloquence, Solomon’s wisdom, and Tina Fay’s comic…
March 8, 2012