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James C. Schaap

James Calvin Schaap is a retired English prof who has been something of a writer for most of the last 40 years. His latest work, a novel, Looking for Dawn, set in reservation country, is the story of two young women joined by their parents' mutual brokenness and, finally, a machine-shed sacrament of reconciliation. He writes and narrates a weekly essay on regional history for KWIT, public radio, Sioux City, Iowa. He and his wife Barbara live on the northern edge of Alton, Iowa, the Sgt. Floyd River a hundred yards or so from their back door. They have a cat--rather, he has them.

Come Get

  There was a telephone booth somewhere near the Variety Store back then, a telephone booth I hardly ever used. …
May 3, 2013

Small things

 There's just so much about what happened in Boston on Monday that's going to happen again.  Will people hate?  Yes.…
April 19, 2013


  On a plane, I'm a reader not a talker. In fact, I rather resent jabberers, warm-hearted folks, I'm sure,…
March 21, 2013


I showed them this old picture, something the turn-of-the century on the Rosebud, most of the kids outfitted in blankets,…
January 25, 2013

River Vision

  It wasnt' deja vu exactly.  I know that phenomenon, the distinct feeling that time and place is being strangely replicated; you're…
January 11, 2013