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James C. Schaap

James Calvin Schaap is a retired English prof who has been something of a writer for most of the last 40 years. His latest work, a novel, Looking for Dawn, set in reservation country, is the story of two young women joined by their parents' mutual brokenness and, finally, a machine-shed sacrament of reconciliation. He writes and narrates a weekly essay on regional history for KWIT, public radio, Sioux City, Iowa. He and his wife Barbara live on the northern edge of Alton, Iowa, the Sgt. Floyd River a hundred yards or so from their back door. They have a cat--rather, he has them.


Running Water

In a sunny sky especially, the huge sandstone cutbanks along the Missouri can be perfectly stunning. To stumble on them…
March 8, 2024


The church was packed. Mom would have liked that. And all five "first ladies" were in attendance--she would have liked…
December 1, 2023