Who Are You Reading?

I was unaware of my inherent biases, and without conscious effort I’d simply slid into my own racial and gender echo chamber. And there were real implications.

The Dilemma of Online Dating

Real people, with all their paradoxes and peculiarities, are so much more interesting than a profile. Sure, they make life more complicated, but they also fill life with wonder and wit and humor and eye-rolls and aggravation and delight and…


Next month at its annual meeting, the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church will receive an interim report from a study committee whose very name is nearly as large as its mandate: “The Committee to Articulate a Foundation-laying Biblical Theology…
Calvin Theological Seminary

Abide in Me, Gracious God

From a collection of Puritan prayers: Resting on God O God Most High, Most Glorious,The thought of thine infinite serenity cheers me,For I am toiling and moiling, troubled and distressed,   but thou art for ever at perfect peace.Thy designs cause…
Northwestern College


When Mount Saint Helens erupted in May of 1980, it lost 1,300 feet of elevation and gained a new mile-wide crater. The debris avalanche and ashfall from the volcanic blast devastated the mountain and its surroundings, crushing, burning, killing, and…
Calvin College

Job in the Panhandle

Job's friends had his health in mind, but none of them, nor their arguments, could satisfy the emptiness in his soul. He'd lost everything, his family, his land, his enterprise, even his health in a tsunami of bad times unlike…