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Sometimes the mostly RCA and CRC world of The Twelve can seem small. But the numbers of our humble blog tell a different story. The Twelve had over 61,000 views last month and one of our posts was linked by…

The Thanksgiving Dilemma

A friend asked on Facebook: “Anyone else thrilled to cancel Thanksgiving, thanks to COVID? It’s the most physically exhausting, emotionally draining, politically fractious, whiplash-scheduled holiday, not to mention driving through the deer-infested dark in blizzard conditions to eat the blandest…

A Christian Case for Joe Biden

Why should Christians vote for Joe Biden? The overwhelming answer is because he’s not Donald Trump. There is a lot of truth in those “Any Functioning Adult” signs. As I make my case for Biden, the reality is my enthusiasm…

How Can We Transcend?

Monday's lovely post by Chuck DeGroat, about how we use words and encouragement to call on our better angels got me thinking about the history of The Twelve and the sort of dialogue that goes on in this space. In…

Oh, I Get It, This is the Bad Place

Marilyn McEntyre I heard the very fine writer Marilyn McEntyre speak recently about story arcs, the idea of capturing a story as a geometric shape. Some stories are circles. The Odyssey is a circle. The subtitle of The Hobbit is…

Want to Be Like Mike?

I have been transfixed over the past several weeks by The Last Dance, ESPN’s ten-part documentary ostensibly about the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls but really a behind-the-curtain look at the basketball god Michael Jordan. There is no question that Jordan is…