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Oh, I Get It, This is the Bad Place

Marilyn McEntyre I heard the very fine writer Marilyn McEntyre speak recently about story arcs, the idea of capturing a story as a geometric shape. Some stories are circles. The Odyssey is a circle. The subtitle of The Hobbit is…

Want to Be Like Mike?

I have been transfixed over the past several weeks by The Last Dance, ESPN’s ten-part documentary ostensibly about the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls but really a behind-the-curtain look at the basketball god Michael Jordan. There is no question that Jordan is…

No Ordinary Time

Our recent unprecedented misuse of the word “unprecedented” finally got to me. I am both a word geek and history freak, and although our stay-at-home orders are extraordinary, this moment is not unprecedented. Humanity has faced pandemics and global crises…

Why Hoard Toilet Paper During a Pandemic?

In the moments I’m not self-righteously clucking “tsk, tsk,” at the toilet-paper-hoarding masses, I’m doing mental math estimating how long our supply might last. We’re starting to run low, the stores are empty, and I am anxious. If something doesn’t…

Corona Virus and the Useless God

Perhaps you’ve heard the story about the woman who received a text message that said, “I am here for you.” Immediately, she wrote back saying how good that made her feel. She’d been going through so much lately and was…

The Kid in the MAGA Hat

The last time I got into a fight fight, a physical fight with hitting and punching, was almost fifty years ago. I was in junior high then, riding my bike home on a path behind my school, when a kid…