Disappointed in a Disappointed Jesus

Dear Luke, Thank you for sending me your manuscript. I’ll try to respond honestly, as you requested. Those lyrical opening chapters: fantastic. Beautifully paced, full of poetry. Along with Zechariah and Mary and Simeon, I was dazzled by angels visitant…
Calvin College

Binary Choice

“The policy McAleenan would consider, according to the officials, is known as “binary choice” and would give migrant parents the option between being separated from their children or bringing their children with them into long-term detention.” NBC News, April 8.…

“Complicated Narratives”

In talking with many of my church-raised students, I’ve often heard them complain about how they heard the same handful of Bible stories again and again in their childhoods. Mostly, the “nice” stories—or if not exactly “nice” in reality, presented…

Heresies I Have Loved: II

beliefs and doctrines that are just beyond the pale. Nonetheless, they are attractive. They make sense in their own way. They are very close to the Gospel. Maybe that’s what makes them winsome. Maybe that’s what makes them dangerous.
Second Reformed Church, Pella, IA

I Came to Be Served

Jesus saves us by allowing us to offer ourselves, even in extravagant ways, to him. He serves us by being served. We need to give ourselves because we have something to offer. We need a place to offer ourselves that…