Seriously, You’re the Greatest!

Perhaps it went largely unnoticed as Americans this past weekend were gearing up for a holiday weekend.  Still, something rather remarkable happened. North Korea test fired some ballistic missiles yet the President of the United States—right next door to North…
Calvin Theological Seminary

Memory and Posters

I love a good museum. Public history and historical memory are avenues of historical research that I enjoy exploring. Doing research in the archives is great, but visiting a museum with other people is a way of doing history that…
Northwestern College

Musical Bewonderment

Last night I couldn't help thinking of an old story told to me long, long ago by an organist--the organist, the very one who'd been asked to do a concert on a brand new pipe organ a country church had just…

We remember

To the mother and the father of the 10-year old whose name we do not know, the child who died in border patrol’s custody in September, but whose death was reported just yesterday: we remember you. We remember you, and…

Happy Birthday to Dort

In an odd, little corner of the world that I sometimes inhabit, people are celebrating the four-hundredth anniversary of the close of the Synod of Dort. I don’t believe they’re celebrating that it finally ended. Actually, I’m late to the…
Second Reformed Church, Pella, IA

A Poem-A-Day

When the Buildings and Grounds Superintendent signed up to read a poem, I knew we were onto something. We have a daily community gathering after chapel at Western Theological Seminary where we do introductions, announcements, and share prayer concerns. In…