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James C. Schaap


This old house

My wife, who's now retired and therefore been home more often these days than she's been in the 25 years we've lived in this old house, claims there's one gorgeous female cardinal in a bush just off the deck that wants…
December 2, 2011

My last dance with Ms. Emily

Professor Helen Vendler says that Emily Dickinson changed the first word of the fourth line the poem "Safe in their Alabaster Chambers" from "sleep" to "lie," and she says so because she believes--and, on the face of the earth today,…
November 18, 2011


Ten years ago maybe, my in-laws, then in their eighties, told us that they had simply mentioned to the pastor, as if in passing, that occasionally they'd like to sing the old songs once, too. They're not pushy people, believe me. The…
November 4, 2011