My Summer Vacation: A Report

I spent an entire day yesterday with my departmental compatriots working on Student Learning Outcomes. This is merely the latest manifestation of the assessment mania now gripping our college--and higher education as a whole. Naturally I came home with a…
Calvin University

Brave New Church

Jes is away today, and her husband Jim is pinch-hitting. Jim Kast-Keat is a divergent thinker, ideation specialist, and aspiring minimalist. He is, among other things, a writer, speaker, theologian, photographer, and all around good guy. (Also, he always wears a shirt and…


In the grand scheme of things the year 1880 was not really all that long ago.   In my lifetime I’ve been privileged to know three of my great-grandparents, and each of them had been born within only a few years…
Calvin Theological Seminary

The Morality of Meth and a Foot Massage

Imagine you if you had a violent drug dealer chained to a pole in your basement - the result of circumstances that got out of control.  You have two choices: let the guy go after he promises not to take…
Northwestern College

Numbering Days

August is the sweltering month. At least that’s how I used to remember it. Maybe because my family, when I was a boy, would take its week’s vacation in August, and since the purpose of vacation was to escape the…