Poem for Black Friday

I’ve treasured this poem ever since I first read it as a freshman in college. It appealed to this then late-60s kid as a brilliant send-up of American consumerism ‘50s style, a consumerism we had kicked for sure. Only it…
November 23, 2012

The Theater of Thanksgiving

It’s 11pm, the night before Thanksgiving. The house is clean; the table is set; and, the turkey is defrosted. My husband and I will awake at 6am to stoke the fires (okay, turn on the oven) for our family feast.…
November 22, 2012

Seeds of Joy

This week, so many possible topics presented themselves as suitable for the blog: Liz Lemon seems to be getting married (question arises: appropriate feminist triumph or overly conventional sell-out?)   The Big 10 seems to be getting (to me, a purist)…
November 21, 2012

Crosses and Monuments

I spent much of my sabbatical in France. Before you imagine me quaffing champagne along the Champs Elysees, I should you tell that the places I frequent in France are rather more equivalent to Alton, Byron Center or Herkimer. As…

The Storm is Passing Over

Today's guest post comes from Rev. Adriene Thorne, an Associate Minister at Middle Collegiate Church in New York City. It originally appeared on The Huffington Post. Thanks for your words and your service, Adriene. ***  Sandy picked up my city, my people,…
November 19, 2012

Slouching Toward Diligence Day

I’m just now turning my thoughts to the Thanksgiving Day menu. My parents and brothers and their families will be coming here, since the days of going to my parents’ house are now over for good. So Ron and I…
November 17, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Relief & Rebuilding

  Midland Beach, Staten Island It's a wild ride to experience a hurricane. It's also confusing to accept the reality that the part of the city I call home remained unscathed while parts of my city will never recover. How…
November 14, 2012

Too Moving?

My last post two weeks ago generated more comments than anything I've done on The Twelve.   So today I will shift away from all things political and think about preaching, thus returning things to normal where no one will comment…
November 13, 2012