If Sex Don’t Getcha the Money Will

I vowed I wouldn’t make this post about how Evangelical celebrities keep tripping over the sex thing. But it’s so hard to resist. Just in the past week we have two newbies that can’t help but call up a golden…
October 26, 2012

So, what’s the big deal about binders?

I’ve been riveted to presidential politics this fall—the polling, the spin, the analysis and projections, the Facebook discussions, and not least of all, the presidential and vice-presidential debates. As the election season winds down, I resonate deeply with Jennifer Holberg’s…
October 25, 2012

Friends and also strangers

I know the candidate I am voting for, but I nevertheless have dutifully watched all three presidential debates.  By the last one, however, I almost didn’t bother—I was worn out. But my desire to be a well-informed citizen made me…
October 24, 2012


Lynn Japinga is substituting for Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell who is on sabbatical. If you are desperate for more information about the RCA’s Synod of 1969, you can check out her forthcoming book, Loyalty and Loss (or whatever title the editor chooses),…

Layaway in a manger

I’d like to introduce you to someone. His name is Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus. His creators, the nice people at, offer us this bio: “Who is Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus? Why he's the King of OctoNovemCember, that magical shopping season when the…
October 22, 2012

Introvert, Be Free!

In order to prevent us nice Christian teenagers from indulging in let-loose drinking and debauchery on graduation night, a group of parents devised a nefarious plan: an all-night party at an undisclosed location. My graduating class in 1983 was among…
October 20, 2012

Where the river bends

    Mitt would count them in his column, I'm sure.  After all, they certainly aren't part of the 47% of us who leech off the nanny state.  No, sireee.  Ain't nobody in the bunch who doesn't pull his own…
October 19, 2012

Like Catching Flies with Chopsticks

Maybe it really is just about catching flies with chopsticks. Often ministry is not what you think it will be. That’s a fair and probably patently obvious statement. Isn’t it? I mean, in preparation to be a Minister of Word…
October 18, 2012


A colleague whom I respect very, very highly has a theory with which I disagree.  My friend thinks that it is fully possible to teach people how to be curious.   Even given an individual who evinces precious little by way…
October 16, 2012