Bogart and Niebuhr

This month I’m teaching a three-week intensive course on Film Noir and American Culture. The “movies with a dark look” emerged in the United States around the coming of World War II (think John Huston’s The Maltese Falcon, 1941) and…

Give Jim Schaap His Gold Watch

He's going to kill me, I know it.  It's not his style.  My suspicion is he wants to ride off, not into the sunset, but to some cabin in northern Minnesota where he can write without having to think about…
Northwestern College

In Praise of Little Magazines

What is it about the Reformed tradition and desktop publishing?  I have very tangible memories of this as part of my induction to the Reformed tradition.  While doing graduate work at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto--site of my…

Tim Tebow

Okay.  So this really isn’t about Tim Tebow.  I just wanted you to look.  It’s hard to imagine that there is anything left to say about Tebow, or God answering prayer, or celebrities witnessing for Christ.  I don’t have any…
Second Reformed Church, Pella, IA

Sankofa memories

On a layover in Atlanta this fall, my hurried walk through terminal E was interrupted when I noticed a few display cases. I paused and stared at the ordinary objects that now evoke the extraordinary life and legacy of Martin…

Vocation: Bah, Humbug

I apologize for passing over the many great posts since Theresa’s post on vocation, but I’d like to go back to that topic—which seems to have hit a nerve among our blog readers and writers—and try stirring up more conversation. …
Calvin University

Home (& Home Away)

Last week following the New Year—and during Epiphany to be exact—I finally had the opportunity to go home for a while and spend a couple days with my family. Doing what I do (not sure if vocation is the right…

Fear and trembling

The hardest work I ever did was a three-week stint--that's all--with a road crew cutting sod and laying it down along the new interstate highway, I-43, that would come to link Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wisconsin.  It was backbreaking work.…