Washed in His Blood

Peter TeWinkle is substituting for Thomas Goodhart who unfortunately is responding to a case of gun violence within his own community this week. A husband and father to two terrific children, Peter is pastor of Hope Reformed Church in Grand…
January 10, 2013

Love. The Hardest Job Ever.

The call to love is not for Pansies -- It’s the hardest job I do.Lady Justice held back by the Lady of Mercy by Glynn Acree, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama Sometimes I want to tell people exactly what I feel…
January 9, 2013

Our Only Comfort?

A pair of NY Times pieces in the past two weeks raise vital issues.   A week ago in an "On Religion" column, Samuel G. Freedman wondered where the humanists--those who now claim "None" as their religious preference--were in the wake…
January 8, 2013


This year I resolve to be a better wordsmith by thinking outside the box and giving 110%. Now that Father Time has flipped the pages on the calendar, first and foremost, I promise to run things up the flagpole and…
January 7, 2013


I had a great idea for a blog post. I had it written up... I spent time on it...but something went wrong when I pressed the save button. Lost. Gone. The anger welled up inside of me like Bruce or…
January 5, 2013

A Prayer for the New Year

Image from a stunning collection by Clare Benson   Standing on the threshold, all we’ve left undone smirking in our periphery, all we carry with us a finger’s breath away, waiting, waiting. Unfinished business clings heavy, disappointment, pressure, expectations straining…
January 3, 2013


Two weeks ago, I was finishing the work of the semester and preparing for holiday travel, so I gladly yielded to the request from our editor to give my space to a guest blogger.  That means I haven’t written a…
January 2, 2013


Happy new year! I suppose that makes it a bit late for resolutions. I’ve never been a big fan of them anyway—dubious as I am of self-improvement and willpower. The whole idea of new year’s resolutions and their worth is…