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The first blogpost I ever wrote for the Reformed Journal blog was about the Flint water crisis. It ended with an appeal for Michigan residents to call their state legislators.

Maybe it’s fitting, then, to pin the blame on my departure from the blog on none other than the Michigan state legislature. These days I have the honor of serving on the staff of Michigan’s very first female Senate majority leader, and it leaves me with a bit less time to spend musing on this space.

I tried to come up with something profound to say to mark the moment, but I just kept coming up with the same thought: I’m so grateful. I count it among the surprises of my life that people out there (who weren’t my mom) cared what I thought enough to click on a link or open an email. Your solidarity has buoyed me during some challenging years, your encouragement energized me when I was down, and your push-back made me think harder and better about what I really believed. 

There were so many late nights that I spent on the couch, willing a blogpost idea to appear in my brain before I succumbed to my overwhelming desire to sleep. There were just as many nights that I pressed “publish” with trepidation, sure that my handful of friends would disavow me as soon as they read the hot garbage I’d publicly aired on the internet the night before.

But miracle of miracles, somehow in the morning I would instead find a kind comment, a gracious “share” on facebook, or even the occasional person pulling me aside at a baby shower or the grocery store to tell me that I’d written something that mattered to them. It is a vulnerable thing, I’ll admit, to write words on a page and actually let people see them. It feels terrible. Terrible only until it feels like a miracle – because another human, living another life entirely, sees, connects, responds, agrees. 

So thank you – for letting me rant, weep, remember, pray, fear, resist, complain, appeal, give thanks, confess, reflect, tribute, and re-assess with you for all these years. When I scan through it all, there’s so much of who I truly am that you’ve born witness to. I have been so deeply shaped by this profound gift: a space to be known.

Photo by Zoe on Unsplash

Kate Kooyman

Rev. Kate Kooyman is a minister of the Reformed Church in America who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


  • Daniel Meeter says:

    Welcome back and congratulations.

  • Grace Shearer says:

    I hope you never get too busy to share your thoughts with us on this site. Thanks, Kate.

  • Tom Hoeksema says:

    You are so very much worth knowing, whether in this space or any other. Best to you Kate as you and Winnie work to do good for all of us in Lansing.

  • Lynn Setsma says:

    I will miss your musings here but hope you have time for in person musing. You said what we couldn’t put into words but felt deeply. Thank you for that.

  • John K says:

    O Kate,
    Best wishes on your new phase.
    Somehow keep us posted on what’s happening in your new space!

  • Dawn Muller says:

    Same message(s), new pulpit. Thank you (both) for your good work.

  • Willa Brown says:

    Kate, thanks so much for sharing with us. I always looked forward to your posts and to the challenges that you offered. I will miss your musings. Blessings on your new ways to share.

  • Joel Slenk says:

    This is a wonderful space for you to receive affirmation and validation

  • Nancy Neyer says:

    Thanks Kate. You have been one of my favorite bloggers on this forum. I hope you are invited to guest blog here frequently. I’m excited for the work you and Winnie will do in Lansing!

  • George Hunsberger says:

    Kate, I am grateful to God for the gift of this new space for you to be known–and make known the wonders of God’s Shalom. Peace be with you, and with all of us in Michigan who will be touched by your work.

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