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Good Friday

I envy monastics--sometimes. I envy their intent to zero in on the Christian faith, to delete every iota of worldly…
April 6, 2012

Tell Me the Story

Soup Kitchen I crave Tuesdays. I extend my hand to the man whose skin is colder than mine and dirtier…
April 4, 2012

Punish No More

Since this post will appear early in Holy Week 2012, my thoughts have turned toward questions of the meaning of…
April 3, 2012

There Will Be Blood

One Good Friday I heard an NPR caller say something to the effect that she could never accept Christianity because…
April 2, 2012

“What the….?”

"You sure as hell can't talk about hell unless you use the word hell."  Thus saith Bart Simpson (or something…
March 31, 2012