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Bailey Sarver


Notes from the Trail

Hay Creek RanchNemo, South Dakota For all my apprehension and anxiety about this trip, my week in South Dakota has been an experience beyond words. We have one day of riding left, and I have just a few notes and…

Unfamiliar Steps

Spontaneity is not one of my gifts. My family might actually think that’s a significant understatement. A few years ago when I chose the word “mindful” as my word of the year, my mother was a little disgusted. She actually…

Consider the Peonies

I keep flowers in vases around my house for way too long. Long past their prime. Long after they have started to wither and fade. I really love flowers. My mom has been a floral designer all my life. One…

Being Neighborly

I grew up in rural Pella, Iowa. My family firmly planted in fields outside a small and fairly tight knit community. And while I heard tales of good neighbors, bad neighbors, and neighborly interactions of all kinds, I didn’t experience…