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Winds of Change

By January 23, 2017 3 Comments

Have you heard how money and support are streaming into Democratic and progressive causes since the election of Donald Trump?

It worked the other way too. The NRA, for example, should give Barack Obama a Christmas ham for all the business he sent their way. Nothing like a victory by one side to galvanize their opposition.

At Perspectives and The Twelve, we don’t see ourselves on any partisan “side” or in “opposition” to anyone (although we’ve sometimes been called “the loyal opposition” in the Church—and maybe that’s okay).

But if a new American president causes you to have a fresh appreciation for varied and thoughtful perspectives, for beauty and civility, for good conversations with kind and astute Christian friends, then we invite you to make a contribution to Perspectives.

Your nurture, your support, your involvement, your friendship, your dollars, and even your prayers are needed. Would you please make a gift today? Thank you very much!

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  • ndk says:

    “At Perspectives and The Twelve, we don’t see ourselves on any partisan ‘side’ or in ‘opposition’ to anyone . . . .”

    Please identify one responsibly encouraging column anyone in your club has written invoking divine blessing upon our current president.

    Surely you jest.

  • Marc Gesink says:

    The preponderance of the political discourse on this site, when it arises, is hardly bipartisan. Give me a break! I second ndk sentiments.

  • hf says:

    To ndk & Marc Gesink, I third your sentiments, , ,

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