The Greatest of Songs

I want to take back the Song of Songs. I want to take it back from its designation as “Wedding material.” I want to take it back from sniggering high schoolers. And I want to take it back from the…


This past Saturday morning, I attended a workshop at The Colossian Forum's annual conference. The workshop was titled Beyond Good Intentions: The Practices of Calm Presence. The presenter, Trisha Taylor, has been a coach to me and a friend for…


The recent movie Yesterday is mostly a light-hearted romantic comedy with a divertingly fun premise.  Although the movie (wisely) never tries to explain it, the premise is that the entire Planet Earth underwent a history-altering event.  For around eleven seconds,…
Calvin Theological Seminary

Decluttering as Spiritual Practice

I was surprised to discover how many books and blogs are devoted to the practice of decluttering. A simple search of the word “decluttering” yielded hundreds of references. The sheer numbers of people writing, reading, and conversing about it is…

Hevel and Hope in the Midst of the Climate Crisis

“Is this the end of the world?”“It usually is.” That zinger appears near the conclusion of the kooky and wonderful Post-Rapture Radio, Russell Rathbun’s 2008 novel, which inventively satirizes American Evangelicalism for its shallowness and materialism. Toward the end of…
Calvin College

It’s a jungle out there

It's not a particularly good picture, but it'll have to do. That's our house up at the top, maybe fifty yards or so away from the camera and me. What's between us is five years' worth of sweat and toil…

No Worries

In Canada, I noticed that when I said “thank you” to someone, they most often responded by saying, “No worries.”  I love this. It’s because I’m a fairly worried person, on the whole. I think that when I thank someone,…

Three Cords Not Easily Broken

Last week, Diet Eman—whose incredible time in World War II as a member of the Dutch Resistance included rescuing Jews, gathering intelligence, and surviving stints in concentration camps and as a fugitive herself—died at age 99. My fellow 12er, Jim…

Crazy Eights

Anticipation has been growing. The excitement is almost palpable. Yes, it is true. Back despite absolutely no popular demand, for the fourth time, here is my most recent collection of profundities, oddities, trivialities, and observations. This year, eight of them.…
Second Reformed Church, Pella, IA