Not Dead, But Alive

Death came awfully close a few too many times in a few short days; much closer than I want to be realistic about, engage with, or have unexpectedly pop out from around the corner. I live like I’m alive. Death…
Western Theological Seminary

Good Friday and Interstellar

Every other spring I make college students view two films: 2001: A Space Odyssey and Interstellar. They tend to dislike the first and enjoy the second. This past Tuesday we discussed the two films, comparing and contrasting, reading from Nietzsche,…
Northwestern College

My Dad’s Centennial

Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of my father’s birth: April 17, 1919. Centennials naturally call for reminiscence and reflection, and some of this, especially in a parent-child relationship, must remain personal. But some of it’s public, and in this case…

Grown Up

"Is this just going to keep happening?" my seven year old daughter asked. Her voice caught in her throat. Her eyes were tired from crying. She had had a hard day at school. "Is this just going to keep happening…

Holy Week Tuesday

Originally published in 2105, here is Scott's take for the Tuesday of Holy Week. Palm/Passion Sunday kicks off Holy Week every year but mostly we don't ponder much about what was going on with Jesus until we get to the…
Calvin Theological Seminary

Disappointed in a Disappointed Jesus

Dear Luke, Thank you for sending me your manuscript. I’ll try to respond honestly, as you requested. Those lyrical opening chapters: fantastic. Beautifully paced, full of poetry. Along with Zechariah and Mary and Simeon, I was dazzled by angels visitant…
Calvin College