Wait No More

Comedian Jon Stewart, original host of the Comedy Central program The Daily Show, may or may not have very many religious sensibilities.  Stewart is capable of some amazing comedy in the skewering of the day’s news—one thinks of the delicious…
Calvin Theological Seminary

Transgressions and Sanctification

Americans love a tragedy and redemption story. To use religious language, many of us might call this narratives of transgression and sanctification. But what is the proper amount of both and should it be thoughtfully calibrated to connect with a…
Northwestern College

Notes from the Trail

Hay Creek RanchNemo, South Dakota For all my apprehension and anxiety about this trip, my week in South Dakota has been an experience beyond words. We have one day of riding left, and I have just a few notes and…

A Letter from Screwtape

My dear Wormwood, Let me start with another reminder that you must take great care that this letter not fall into the wrong hands. As you know, some years ago a number of my letters fell into the hands of…

Refuse to be in Denial

(This post originally appeared at -- thanks to Melissa for her permissino to repost this important piece here at the Twelve.)Dear Church, I write to you to admit that I am a recovering racist, working to overcome the lies…

To Be a Witness

I never did put a fish sticker on the back of my car. Many years ago, I considered it for a while -- a discreet little fish. Nothing attention-grabbing. Now I'm glad I didn't. What was my intention? Was I…
Second Reformed Church, Pella, IA

Unfamiliar Steps

Spontaneity is not one of my gifts. My family might actually think that’s a significant understatement. A few years ago when I chose the word “mindful” as my word of the year, my mother was a little disgusted. She actually…