On these days surrounding the second Sunday of Advent, I wear a chain around my neck. The chain holds the wedding band that used to be worn by my first husband, Layton. He wore it from the day we were…

Important Place: Part II

Two weeks ago I did a short blog here as part of our annual fundraiser (and thank you to all who chipped in!).   In it I described “The Reformed Journal” and “The Twelve” as an important place to discuss ideas…
Calvin Theological Seminary

Long Dark Nights with No Christmas Lights

Not only did the Puritans not celebrate Thanksgiving, they firmly banned Christmas. (Spoiler alert: the Puritans did not celebrate Easter either.) The Puritans rejected Christmas as a pagan celebration, full of bawdy revelry and tainted by Catholic association. The Puritans…
Northwestern College

Advent Calendars & Mr. December

The first Advent calendar appeared in 1851, and featured a biblical-character-a-day to count Christian worshippers down to Christmas. It featured, among others, John the baptizer, since John features in the stories of Jesus’ birth and ministry beginnings. Indeed, John is…

What was and wasn’t said

Apparently, millions of evangelicals believe the Christian faith is greatly imperiled in America, more than it has ever, ever been. I don't share their fears, but if, this weekend, they still believe that's true, then they didn't witness the funeral…

At the Kennedy Center, 1985

You have probably seen the famous photo of a high school-aged Bill Clinton meeting President John F. Kennedy (I've included it, in case you haven't). In the photo, you'll see that Clinton (and the boys around him) are wearing polo…
Calvin College

The Wall of Fame

As a result of Western Theological Seminary’s massive building project, I am one of many people now happily ensconced in a new office with new furniture. My set up includes a large tack board, and because I simply don’t want…