Remember Her Baptism

Twenty-two years ago on a sunny day in Indiana at First United Methodist Church, my daughter was baptized. It was a beautiful liturgy, where a candle was lit at the moment of baptism, as the pastor said, “I baptize you…

How’s It Going with the 2020 Vision Team?

Wherever I go in RCA (Reformed Church in America) circles these days, I get this question: “How’s it going with the 2020 Vision Team?” Some are genuinely curious. Others more cynical. Many are highly anxious. The follow-up question is often,…

God is Secure

God seems so good in this story,” she said. “So relaxed. So at ease. Patient. Probably sad, but so willing to wait. It’s hard to believe.

Believing the Bible

More than once over the last few weeks I’ve been asked if I “believe the bible”. What they mean, I think, is whether I believe the bible is the true word of God. Of course my answer is yes, but…
Northwestern College

Ministers in Film and Fiction: II

My last post about the minister in film and fiction really sparked some interest. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions – we all have a lot more books to read and movies to watch! I’ll devote this post yet to…

Repent, then Welcome

Last week at a colloquium I attended, a colleague of mine originally from Mexico was describing my seminary’s highly successful certificate program designed to provide needed education and training to Latino/a pastors in our area.   The program has been up…
Calvin Theological Seminary