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Nathan Groenewold

Nathan Groenewold is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church and founding director of Cohort Detroit, a ministry which aims to raise up a new generation of young leaders who love God deeply, work for justice, and humbly serve marginalized Detroit communities. He fills the cracks in his summers with disc golf and gardening. 

Promised Land?

Today, May 15, is known as The Nakba, the day 900,000 Palestinians became refugees when the state of Israel was…
May 15, 2024

Were You There

The Good Friday service is the heaviest of the year. Candles, the darkness. But we rarely talk about Christ crucified today.…
April 7, 2023

God in the Mess

We become people with answers instead of people with the Spirit, people who end conversations instead of start them.  
March 8, 2023

Asking for Money

Most of us approach fundraising the way our grandparents approached having (or not having) money: awkward and apologetic.
October 16, 2022