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April Fool

by James Vanden Bosch It started out innocently enough. Andrew, a friend of mine and a fellow grammarian, had been asked if he knew of anyone who would be willing to teach traditional grammar for students at Handlon Prison, where…

Memento Mori

by James Vanden Bosch One of the heavier costs of watching the evening news on the major U.S. television networks is that my being there to watch the evening news is very strong evidence that I am part of a…

Cleaning Out the Prayer Closet

by James Vanden Bosch 1. “Thoughts and Prayers” I’ve been thinking about the dropping value of thoughts and prayers this morning, and not for the first time. You’ve noticed it, too. This morning’s news (August 11, 2016) carries the story…

National Fact-Checking

James Vanden Bosch, professor of English at Calvin College is substituting today for Jennifer Holberg.  Thanks, Jim! “We had fed the heart on fantasies, The heart’s grown brutal from the fare, More substance in our enmities Than in our love.”…