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Gregory Love

Gregory Love teaches Systematic Theology at San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, California. A Presbyterian pastor, Greg’s most recent book, on the meaning of Jesus’ death, is Love, Violence, and the Cross: How the Nonviolent God Saves Us through the Cross of Christ.

The White Stone

As Reformed Christians, we share a bedrock principle with the Lutherans for our following of Jesus: We are saved by…
Gregory Love
September 16, 2018


I am feeling my mortality. On the one hand, I look back at my life and see a thousand mistakes…
Gregory Love
August 26, 2018


By Gregory Love God is our one true love. We were made out of God’s love, and for that love.…
Gregory Love
August 19, 2018

One True Love

By Gregory Love I am reading Under The Mercy, (1988), Sheldon Vanauken’s sequel to his 1977 award-winning book A Severe Mercy.…
Gregory Love
August 12, 2018

God in a Tomb

by Gregory Anderson Love God died. It is the most startling of statements, surpassing even the other startling statement in…
Gregory Love
March 29, 2015