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Years ago when I was on the Board of Editors for what was then called Perspectives magazine, a consultant brought us all to a moment when we had to answer a key question: What did we want? More subscribers or more readers?

We chose more readers.

And that was not only because like all print journals getting subscribers was increasingly difficult and we were nearing a point where subscription and ad revenues were not going to cover printing and mailing costs.

We really did want people to read our material. Moving to start a blog that people could get every day for free was one of the early attempts to get more readers for Perspectives and now the Reformed Journal.

Odds are good that if you are reading this, it is because you are one of our faithful readers. You maybe get an email every morning to show you that day’s blog and maybe you receive ones on feature articles too. Or you are one of the many people—we think a good couple thousand or more—who just go to your RJ Blog bookmark and click in directly to see who what wrote for that day. We appreciate you! Your readership is what our Board wanted to head toward many years ago already.

We have all along been a frugal bunch of editors and writers. We work for free as do even our guest writers. We do it for the love of the enterprise, for the love of putting important ideas out there in a very fraught time ecclesiastically, socially, and politically. We work for free but the infrastructure required for maintaining our website and platform and the programming that allows us to post our blogs and articles every day is not quite as sacrificial! It does cost us a bit of money to keep doing what we do.

So it is that time when we are taking a brief pause from our usual blogs to encourage you to consider a donation. Those who give $300 or more will receive three gift books in return — Enemies In the Orchard, Trauma and Race, and Telling Stories in the Dark.

But of course any amount will help keep the lights on, as it were. In return we pledge to keep giving you new ideas to ponder and to continue to be a conversation partner on many of the issues facing us in church and in society. The year ahead promises to be a rugged one on many fronts. Probably not a few of us are already bracing for what is next in our denominations and in our body politic.

Thus we ask for your help to keep The Reformed Journal going so that we continue to serve you, our wonderful and faithful daily and weekly readers. Thank you!

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Click here to donate to the Reformed Journal today!

You’ll go to a page where you may give any amount, find info on giving via check, and — what we hope you’ll do — take us up on our special But Wait…There’s More! offer.

But Wait…There’s More! means that you give us $300 or more before the end of 2023. Over the next few months, we’ll send you three new books by RJ writers.

Please give today. Thank you very much!

Scott Hoezee

Scott Hoezee is Director of the Center for Excellence in Preaching at Calvin Theological Seminary.

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