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Talkative. Funny. Getting smarter. Able to move beyond literalism. Increasingly concerned about physical appearance. Having a strong need for affirmation.

These are the traits of a typical 12 year old, according to internet expertise.

Do they also describe the Reformed Journal blog?

Today, October 31, the blog turns 12. 

Luther had only 95 theses. As of today, 4,259 blogs have been posted, and you’ve made 23,327 comments. 

Begun in 2011, the daily blog was one of many key developments that pulled this journal from the precipice. A new/old name, the end of printing and mailing monthly editions, transitioning from paid subscriptions to reader contributions — these are only some of the changes in the past few years. We’re still just a tween, but we’ve grown a lot.  

Today is a day for joy and gratitude. So many things to celebrate. So many things to be thankful for. Near the top of that list is you — our readers. We treasure your engagement, your friendship, your comments, your critiques, and your support. Thank you!

Happy Birthday to us. Onward to puberty!

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