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A year ago, we asked you to financially support the Reformed Journal because we had big plans. We said we were going to expand what we were doing beyond the daily blog and produce much more content, including essays, podcast episodes, poetry, and book reviews.

I just finished writing our weekly Friday newsletter and noticed it was number 38. We launched the new Reformed Journal in March and have done what we said we were going to do for the past 38 weeks.

Behind the scenes we’ve created a board, written by-laws, and filed with the IRS to clarify our status as a religious not-for-profit entity. We wouldn’t do that if we didn’t plan to keep going for a long time. Now we come to you again, asking you to help us sustain this work.

We’ve introduced you to some remarkable writers who have brought wisdom and insight into our confusing and polarized times. We’ve aggravated some of you, delighted others, and always have something to say. We’ve developed a cadre of writers many of you rely on.

I’m especially grateful that we always have room for new voices and are able to feature so many young Reformed thinkers. I love that our poetry section is populated by authors who have published hundreds of poems as well as emerging poets who are having their first poem published. I also love how we are able to level the playing field when we feature the writing of bright college students alongside the work of their professors.

In the next few weeks we’re going to feature a couple of book excerpts as essays. One is by Doug Brouwer. Many of you know Doug—he’s a Calvin grad who strayed into the Presbyterian church and has written several books as well as several articles on the RJ through the years. Doug also helps me edit and proofread our weekly essays. The other book excerpt is by April Fiet. April is a Western Theological Seminary grad who has also strayed to the Presbyterians, pastoring a church in rural Nebraska. April is a first-time author, and I predict April’s book, The Sacred Pulse, will do very well. I love the blend of these two voices.

If you appreciate what we do and the writers we are able to bring you, please help sustain our work by clicking on the donate button and giving a gift.

Thanks! May God bless you as we move into Advent.

Happy Reading!!!

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Jeff Munroe

Jeff Munroe is the editor of the Reformed Journal. 

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