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因为,我想,上帝仍然会让我们称他为好,他已经照亮了我们(至少在西密歇根州),并给我们带来阳光。1 月份,太阳平静、温暖、充满希望。但是这个太阳是不同的。它激发了活力和恶化。这是一个尚未出现的东西的标志。太阳笑了。这是隧道尽头的光,事物的尽头和开始,我们看到了一次,但是在这个病毒的冬天无法获得 Tainstymiedstued。这种日落和笑让我走出家门,因为我必须朝着 somethinganythingOll 移动,但是我一定要朝着 somethinganythingOll 移动,但是我一直在做什么。在树林里我想跑。我想像疯狂的女人一样跳舞。我想像疯狂的女人一样跳舞energyis 需要移动,去做。我充满了想要做的。我想把护照用 eastand 膏药用在边境展位的有机玻璃上驾驶我的护照,然后告诉谁我必须去居家签证和限制都是该死的。我想敲响尖顶的钟声并打电话给人们敬拜,然后告诉他们他们坐在桌上跳舞,在 aislesand 拥抱中跳舞然后唱歌。我想带着圣诞节花束,然后在后方开始一场大火,为我的朋友们举办一场聚会,我们在月球上的火焰中跳舞,欢乐在一起,我们烧死在我们的一个面具里。再也不要问,如果我应该怎么样我们把每一层思想撕开我们都必须在 doingAnyThing的行为中穿过。但是我想做的事情我不会做。我不想做的事情(这些事情本身就是缺席)我一直在做。holler 和是的。我不像疯狂女人一样跳舞。我 walkmarchplodfeet 找到了最好的途径,在这里雪被数百个为了自己想要做的人挤满了。〜树林里有最小的山毛榉树。他们的树枝宽又低,在这些树枝上,死了和棕色。我说抱住,但我相信我说服的是抱在他们身上的树,而不是相反-直到新事物到了。如果你偶然发现这些树walkingmarchingploddingat 恰到正确的时间,你会看到日落落在他们身上并使这些叶子变成这些叶子。一个女人问我曾经上帝的恩典是什么样子。我现在告诉她,冬天是树木保持着叶子,而光线可以像铜一样闪烁。

Laura de Jong

Laura de Jong serves as pastor of Second Christian Reformed Church in Grand Haven, Michigan.


  • Daniel J Meeter says:

    I love it, the tree holding on to its leaves, that graceful silver-smooth-barked tree. And so much more in this, while were are plodding.

  • mstair says:

    “it is the tree that holds its leaves in winter,
    and the light that shimmers
    those leaves as copper.”

    love the ending
    I have one those trees outside my sunroom window; I shall now watch it with a new perspective …
    change is coming…

  • Jan Zuidema says:

    Strange that I have always been drawn to those beech trees in the woods that refuse to give up their leaves. I’ve always wondered why they, stubbornly, don’t drop those leaves, while believing that it was a small winter gift – the bold yellow against the winter white – now I can add their tree knowledge that the new life of spring will finally force those leaves to fall, giving way to life-giving green. Beautifully written!

  • John R Sr Kleinheksel says:

    Are we like the leaves that refuse to drop off the life-giving Tree?
    Am I patient with myself (and others) who want to cling to the old nature, only giving way to the new when it is unavoidable?
    And the New Creation is coming. It has come. It will come. That’s the Reality I trust.
    Thank you Laura on your gift to us this morning.

  • Beverly VanderMolen says:

    I too have been so revived by the sun these days and the trees that teach us. Thank you and thank God the sun is out another day today!

  • Jim Payton says:

    This was delightful—thank you for one of the most uplifting assessments I have encountered of the struggles and unstated hopes we carry in these strange times. Yes, yes, yes …

  • Ron says:

    Thank you for expressing so well some of that things I experienced on yesterday’s hike. After nearly a mile of uphill hiking, I concluded that the beech trees were applauding an old man’s efforts.

    The sun on the snow of Sleeping Bear was a blessing that matched that of having just had my second vaccine. Thanks be to God for all of it.

  • Jane DeGroot says:

    Beautiful. In every direction. Thank you!

  • Carol Van Klompenburg says:

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  • Gary VanHouten says:

    It’s called marcescence. The tendency of some trees, especially young trees, to hang on to their leaves throughout the winter. Nobody knows exactly why. Studies show that browsers, like deer, tend to more readily eat the exposed young succulent buds of tree species that have shed their leaves in the fall. Makes sense. The retained leaves could be a survival trick to hide the buds from the deer.
    Anyway, I know I’ve always loved the young beeches in winter, so they’re a survival trick for me too.
    What a wonderful poem/meditation.

    • Daniel J Meeter says:

      And it’s characteristic of trees in the oak / beech family anyway, right? All the pin oaks in my yard still hold many of their dead leaves. Maples and locusts almost never.

  • Judie Zoerhof says:

    Thank you, Pastor Laura for putting my feelings in such a beautiful format, the restrained energy, the “Layer of thought we must travel through”. Amen Sister, Thank you!

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