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The sweet taste of sunlight.
Cold creek on the shins.
Colored-tailed soaring in the heavens.

Who knew these were the medicine my soul needed,
breath into my ever tightening chest.

See, I have been given new eyes
with which to know an old Creation.

Has it been here this whole time?
God in the blades of grass,
the bird filled trees,
and floating leaves.

We are surrounded by the Garden of Delight.
May her river flow and overflow,
my ever expanding abyss.

Will Forsythe

Will serves as the senior minister at All Souls Church of Boulder, Colorado, and also as a spiritual director with Anam Cara Ministries. In his free time, Will can be found fly-fishing, wrestling his two kids, trying to make sourdough, or drinking coffee that is too expensive but tastes so good.


  • RLG says:

    Thanks, Will, for a thoughtful poem. David, of the Old Testament, who lived in the center of political turmoil, would look to creation to see God’s hand and the reason to praise him. Sure, he felt frustration at times, but it was the creator God of the universe that comforted him. Today, it’s the Bible that Christians look to, with a thousand interpretations, and only find reasons to pit themselves against other Christians. Thanks, Will, for drawing us back to the basics.

  • Kathryn VanRees says:

    Thanks Will. I love this.

  • John Kleinheksel says:

    The Garden in the Abyss? Takes the eyes of faith to see and experience it, Will.
    Quite a juxtaposition there. Thanks.

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