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As darkness changes
and the moon finds her grace-filled cycle,
I wonder what will remain.

We turn the page.
Write the next chapter.
Move this.
Clean that.
Say hello to some.
While feeling the silence of others.

But don’t we all know
deep down in our soul,
that time has never been a straight line.

Progress is a myth.
And going back to when things were,
great again.
Is her twin.

Some say all we have is,


Yet even in stillness,
Being cannot be fully held,
so we march on pretending.
And circle once again,
the loss of all that refuse to remain
and change.

Yet as the Sun lifts her gaze on a new day,
rains down her warmth on this worried and worn body.

might you happen
to reach out your hand and say again.

“Shall we dance.”

Will Forsythe

Will serves as the senior minister at All Souls Church of Boulder, Colorado, and also as a spiritual director with Anam Cara Ministries. In his free time, Will can be found fly-fishing, wrestling his two kids, trying to make sourdough, or drinking coffee that is too expensive but tastes so good.


  • mstair says:

    Grateful for this evocation:

    “Progress is a myth.
    And going back to when things were,
    great again.
    Is her twin. “

    Resolved to try something different this new year … “the present suffering is nothing compared to the coming glory that is going to be revealed to us … let us dream dreams – of it” … (pp. Romans 8:18)

  • Deb Mechler says:

    “…even in stillness,
    Being cannot be fully held…”

    I have sought words for this. And now that I read yours, what comes to me is that in the stillness, I experience being fully held by the Love that holds us all. (I wish I could write those words in the slow, pensive way that the thought emerged.)

    Thank you for this, Will.

  • Julia Smith says:

    Will, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful words.

  • Cornelis Kors says:

    Thank you Will!

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