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Our annual fundraising week is over.
To all who gave, thank you so much!

To all of you who said to yourselves, “I really should do that” or “Maybe tomorrow…” this is a gentle nudge.

During the campaign, the twelvers offered a variety of phrases and compelling reasons for your support–

  • Beauty
  • Truthfulness
  • Vulnerability
  • Courage
  • Contested conversations
  • Nuance
  • Wide and increasing influence
  • Speaking into fraught times
  • Daily routine
  • Breadth of topic
  • A balm
  • A glimmer of hope
  • Exploring the world
  • Sharing in Christ

We hope you now know that sometime in the upcoming winter, we’re planning to roll out a “new and improved” Reformed Journal to partner more fully with The Twelve. We’d appreciate your collaboration and investment in that venture.

Finally, two fun stories that demonstrate the amazing reach of the internet, but also the surprising reach of the Reformed Journal.

One of our writers, Jeff Munroe, learned some fascinating information about his “long lost” great-grandfather — a hockey star in Ontario, no less! A person in Canada found something Jeff had written on The Twelve about his grandmother, and made the connection.

Last week we were contacted by an Iraqi gentleman looking for help in finding a Dutch theologian’s recent book. Presumably, he found us by googling “Reformed.” We contacted the Dutch theologian, who in turn contacted the man in Iraq. The book is now on it’s way!

If you’ve been intending to give, if you’ve forgotten, or if you’ve been on the fence, we sincerely invite you to give your gift to the Reformed Journal today.

Thank you very much.

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