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我从来没有听过这句话 — "螃蟹在一个桶里。”

罗伯特·伦纳德(Robert Leonard),在这里亲切地被称为 “鲍勃博士”,用它来描述在爱荷华州核心会议之前的最后几天。

当我搜索它的时候,我发现它表明混乱的斗争,彼此爬行,拼命地把彼此拉下来,以达到顶部。 要么做要么死

这是一个恰当的形象。 在爱荷华州,广播电台,社交媒体,邮箱和更多的都被欺骗了广告的候选人。 我们的 2 月 3 日核心小组几乎在这里举行了集会和候选人的出场。 许多(甚至大多数?) 爱荷华民主党仍然未决,包括我。

我邀请你们 — 真的敦促你们 — 听听我和鲍勃·伦纳德的谈话。 这也是一个更加熟悉《改革期刊》播客的机会,我们希望这项努力在未来一年得到发展。

鲍勃有更多的访问和理解的候选人比几乎任何人。 也许你读过他在纽约时报,在那里他出现了一些频率。 他是一个独特的混合物,一个真正和值得信赖的 Iowan,他可以无所畏惧地通过猪粪,然后为沙龙或 Policio 写作,并出现在有线电视新闻网上。

鲍勃和我谈论 "为什么爱荷华州?” 和 Bob 分析了所有不同的候选人 —— 那些已经来过去的人,黑马,当然还有前沿的人。


这些特色的日常特色也在今天的 Cafe Cafe 餐厅的菜单上。

《改革期刊》中的《核心乐趣》。 这是我对爱荷华大会堂周围的感觉和活力的看法。然后,我最难忘的核心小组经历 —— 老实说,我一生中最难忘的夜晚之一 —— 在这里叙述。

爱荷华州 — 来的玉米,留下来的核心小组!

Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell

Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell and his wife, Sophie, are the pastors at the Second Reformed Church in Pella, Iowa. Steve has served on numerous Reformed Church commissions and task forces, and also edited the journal Perspectives for many years. Before coming to Iowa, he lived and served as a pastor in upstate New York. Sophie and he have two adult children. He holds a Ph.D. from Boston College in theological ethics.


  • Daniel J Meeter says:

    Well, that was interesting. I think the first podcast I ever listened to in my life.

  • Allan Janssen says:

    I’ll be in Iowa when the caucuses are happening. Can you get me in? Problem is, I don’t know who I’d opt for!

    • Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell says:

      Al, guests and observers are welcome. Obviously, you can’t participate. One of the gifts and criticisms of the caucuses is that you have to be there. That excludes people. But it is also part of what gives them the unique energy and face-to-face engagement. As for now knowing, join the club.

  • Crabs In a Bucket! Love it!

  • Karl VanDyke says:

    I am torn. We believe that the gospel and our salvation underlies all. if politics can split us from that belief we have our priorities wrong. However, introducing people with specific political opinions in this blog has a risk of the dreaded polarization so prevalent in political life.

    I have no problem with a discussion of the underlying issues, however, I feel that the inevitable division will occur with others expressing their own opinion. Can we maintain a common view here?

    I wonder if the blog master has to block many raw answers, I hope not.

  • Steve,

    Maybe “crabs in the bucket” or maybe rats in the s-house. The politicians strive to be the last rat standing. It sure isn’t the best view of democracy.



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