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Today’s post is a guest post from one of our readers, Marty Wondaal.  Back in April, we posted an interview with Marty titled, “A Reader Responds“.

I don’t think I’m the only one. I know you’re out there and reading The Twelve, just like me. You’re conservative, libertarian, classically liberal, anarcho-capitalist, or maybe just Deplorable. You regularly read The Twelve and the Banner (I repeat myself), but you also read The NY Times, WSJ, NRO, Drudge, Unz, and Guns and Ammo.

Why do you read The Twelve?

Here are my reasons:

1. The writers of The Twelve are honest.
They don’t pull their punches. If they admire Marxism, wish to repeal the 2nd Amendment, or bring in the entire third world into our borders, you can be sure they will write about it here.

2. The writers also are quite influential.
They are the institutional thought leaders of much of the CRC/RCA. They also reflect the conventional wisdom of our Christian colleges. If you are a part of the Reformed Tribe, these writers influence your community.

3. They allow people like us to comment.
That is very tolerant of them, almost magnanimous.

Because of this, I make a suggestion: give them some money. This would be a capitalist act, done in a generous way. And they do appreciate it.

For you angry right-wingers, read Proverbs 25:21-22 for inspiration. But read it in only the very most charitable way. And then write a check.

Nobody wants to be a free-loader.


  • Marty, I appreciate your writing. I appreciate reading various views from various angles. I appreciate your honesty. What I don’t appreciate is the labeling of “angry right wingers” and then immediate connection to donations. What about “angry progressives”? Why can’t we have various opinions without labeling? Or belittling? Also, why don’t you advertise to support the page with great theological ideas and debate?

  • George E says:

    Well, Marty, you almost persuaded me about making a donation. But then I realized that would just be rude, and offensive to the regular writers. After all, they treasure free riders. They want the government to raise taxes (on others, anyway) and support free riders. So making a donation would be a slap in their collective face.

  • Ruth Vis says:

    Out of pocket for nearly three weeks, I’m now catching up on my Twelve reading and recognizing how much I’ve missed — and appreciate — it. $50? Done.

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