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Even at the Risk of Scaring Some People Off

By August 29, 2017 3 Comments

Comparing yourself to American Motors is probably never a good idea, especially when many of your readers reside in Michigan. For those who don’t know, American Motors was an automaker that disappeared from the face of the earth in 1987.

In the early 1970s, trying to compete with Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers, and more, American Motors declared its Javelin “the hairiest looking sporty car in America, even at the risk of scaring some people off.”

Is The Twelve a Javelin in the Christian blogosphere?

We at The Twelve would probably prefer not to be described as “the hairiest.” But we don’t mind sometimes being edgy, occasionally irritating, even provocative now and then—thereby scaring off some people.

We’re not asking you to buy an AMC Javelin, but we do need you to support The Twelve and Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought.

It is hard to be noticed in a world of Camaro blogs and Mustang Christian media outlets. Big, glossy, flush with money and sponsors, towing a safer, more conventional line.

We’re looking for those who are okay off the beaten path, even at the risk of scaring off some people.

Cliché-avoidant, faithful but trying mightily not to be tedious, aiming for playful rather than pedantic, beauty over duty. Free to all who come. Trusting in the labor of volunteers and the generosity of readers.

A recipe for success? Please say “yes,” by making a gift to support The Twelve and Perspectives today.

Thank you!

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  • Bob Van Stright says:

    Unbelievable post. I owned a 1969 AMC Javalin. White with red racing stripe on the side, black vynal top, red and black plaid bucket seats. Bought by my Dad so that I wouldn’t wander too far from the conservative fold and his expectations. I thank God for those that have moved me, challenged me and opened my eyes to the world outside that limited perspective. Thanks to “The Twelve” for being part of that challenge and my continued education.

  • Rodg Rice says:

    I’d love to donate but you don’t make it easy. I’ve tried but nothing happens. Never asks for my credit card number. You need to work on making it easy to donate.

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