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By August 7, 2017 No Comments

Most people say they pull for the underdog.

Here at The Twelve, we see ourselves as underdogs in today’s world.

Left versus right, each dug deep in their trenches, strident and shrill. Corporate sponsors pumping in big money to make the product slick and sweet. Vast empires tracing your click here and your like there to push you toward their blog, their niche, their opinion.

Meanwhile, The Twelve and Perspectives blithely go on their way. (Perhaps too blithely?) Not selling anything. Not pitching anyone. A handful of people, volunteers, pursuing conversation, beauty, complexity, and hope. Trying to connect with caring and astute readers who are looking for similar things.

That makes us an underdog.

Even underdogs, however, need a little help, a little support, a little money.
We need your help.

Please click on the button below to make a financial donation today.
Thank you.

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