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Tell Me the Story

By April 4, 2012 No Comments
Soup Kitchen

I crave Tuesdays. I extend my hand to the man whose skin is colder than mine and dirtier than mine. His hands rough; each callous a story of survival. His hand greets mine; mine soft and small, tipped with black polish. I look him in the eyes and offer him dignity. I call him “sir” and he mumbles with his head down. Some cold, calloused hands greet me with a smile and say “Hello Reverend Jes”. I tear up, just as I am now, I am Reverend Jes. When did I become the big kid and put on these big kid clothes? 

Today one hand, hers, asked me to tell the story of Holy Week. She asked me to tell her what this all means. “You want me to tell you about Palm Sunday to Easter?” “Yes, but let me write this down”. This is a pastors dream. So I begin with Palm Sunday and tell her about the crowd shouting Hosanna. I tell her about this man Jesus who the people believed were going to save them and how that meant different things to different people. I told her that there is a story that when Jesus was entering Jerusalem some of the political peeps were annoyed and wanted the crowd to quiet down but Jesus said that even if they were to shut-up the rocks themselves would cry out. She stopped writing and looks at me “For real? He said that?” “Yes” “Ah man, that’s a good line. I gotta write that one down”. This moment is enchanted — I am on sacred ground.

I continue telling her the story of a dinner, of breaking bread with a man you love and that man betraying you. I tell her of a people, of a government, killing an innocent man. I tell her that this story is about God forsaking God. I tell her of disappointment and silence. I then tell her of two women and resurrection. “You know when you think death has the last word?” “Yes” she replies. “Well in this story death doesn’t have the last word — but it does have a word. Death and new life are held together”. 

By this time she has two sides of her canary colored lined paper filled up. “What do you think?” I inquire. “This is one dope story. I gotta write about this tonight.” So do I…so do I..

Jes Kast

The Reverend Jes Kast is an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament and serves West End Collegiate Church as their Associate Pastor.

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