A different kind of sheep

I have to admit that I’m rather perplexed at how mask-wearing has become such a hot topic. Admittedly, it didn’t help when the pandemic first appeared, and we were all told to not wear them in order to have sufficient…

Comparing the Generations

But to what will I compare this generation? (Matthew 11:16) I mistrust the lazy piety of unexamined biblical narratives and “Hallmark” religious poetry. A loaded sentence, I know. I’ll just say I come by those sensibilities honestly, by nature and…
July 5, 2020


Lately, it seems everything from masks to hugs has become a political statement. With the fourth of July upon us, patriotism and remembering those who fought for our freedom have become the new tug of war. What strikes me about…
July 3, 2020

Swimming in the Detroit River

My aunt tried to cross the border last week. She’s a Canadian living in Germany with a daughter living in Michigan. She flew to Canada, quarantined at my parent’s house for two weeks, and then drove to the border, believing…
July 2, 2020

Wait No More

Comedian Jon Stewart, original host of the Comedy Central program The Daily Show, may or may not have very many religious sensibilities.  Stewart is capable of some amazing comedy in the skewering of the day’s news—one thinks of the delicious…
June 30, 2020

Transgressions and Sanctification

Americans love a tragedy and redemption story. To use religious language, many of us might call this narratives of transgression and sanctification. But what is the proper amount of both and should it be thoughtfully calibrated to connect with a…
June 29, 2020