Desperately Grasping for Security

As I listen to presidential politics, analyses of our economy, and responses to the recent attacks on US embassies (and the death of an ambassador and others), I’m reminded again and again that we live in a world riddled with…
September 13, 2012

Blessed Are You

Today's guest blogger is Dr. Mary Hulst, Calvin College's Chaplain. Mary spent eight years serving as the senior pastor at Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids before leaving to pursue a Ph.D. in communication ethics from the University…
September 12, 2012

September 11, 2001: A Memory

Lynn Japinga is substituting for Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell while he is on sabbatical.  She teaches religion at Hope College and studies recent RCA history. Eleven years ago, on the morning of September 11, 2001, I was teaching a class on American…
September 11, 2012


I heard about the Election Day Communion project in a recent newsletter of Christian Churches Together. It caught my attention this week because it seems like a much-needed antidote to the rhetoric of work that is saturating political discourse. Let me…
September 10, 2012

Woo Me with Facts

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the cause of good rhetoric: two national conventions with a wearying parade of over-fluffed speeches, the ensuing frenzy of talking-head analysis and petty push-back between the parties on every little point, and…
September 8, 2012

Harvey Dunn and the river rats

 The neighbors have that iconic Harvey Dunn ("The Prairie is My Garden")  up on their living room wall, bold and beautiful. Somehow, I'd almost forgotten the man, the artist, South Dakota's pride and joy. So on a little trip out…
September 7, 2012


I wanted to talk about figs today. Specifically, the figs in my yard. Or rather, in the church yard. That actually belongs to the neighbor lady. And about hope, and peace, and all that stuff. But that will have to…
September 6, 2012

RNC, DNC and Micah 6:8.

I’m wired to care about politics. Growing up, my parents taught us how to talk about religion and politics. My parents modeled how to thoughtfully engage the shaping of the city and how one’s faith informs how one will vote.…
September 5, 2012

Big Picture

Christians aren’t supposed to be proud persons.   Pride is a sin.   That’s why many people I know—even when they are doing no more than expressing their pride in someone else’s abilities or achievements—feel the urge immediately to throw in the…
September 4, 2012