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Will Forsythe


Slow Down

To slow down,to halt,to cease,to Sabbath. I talk of you as a dream,only to encounter your nightmare.In you I find all I have been running from.The frantic move of the herd, still unaware of our predator. But when we cease,we…

Garden of Delight

The sweet taste of sunlight.Cold creek on the shins.Colored-tailed soaring in the heavens.Who knew these were the medicine my soul needed,breath into my ever tightening chest.See, I have been given new eyes with which to know an old Creation.Has it…

What Will Remain?

As darkness changesand the moon finds her grace-filled cycle, I wonder what will remain.We turn the page.Write the next chapter.Move this. Clean that.Say hello to some.While feeling the silence of others.But don’t we all know deep down in our soul,that…