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Advent and The Lord’s Suppper

By Tom Boogaart A few years ago, an historic Reformed Church was celebrating its sesquicentennial and inviting various people to come and talk about the history and future of the Reformed tradition. I was invited to talk about the sacrament…

Advent and Rhododendrons

By Tom Boogaart My house once had a carefully designed garden. Azaleas, rhododendrons, hostas, a dogwood tree, a rose of Sharon bush, and evergreen shrubs, all in appropriate places. When my wife Judy and I bought the house, however, the garden…

All Advent, All the Time

By Tom Boogaart Both of my parents died in late winter of this year, and we committed their bodies to the ground: a real committal service. No hiding the hole in the ground and no covering the dirt with green astro-turf,…

Drama on College Street

by Tom Boogaart The street that links my house and Western Seminary is called College. For thirty years now I have walked it up and down. I know each crack in the sidewalk. I’ve watched cement being poured for driveways,…

The Immensity of the Cosmos

by Thomas A. Boogaart I have always loved running. As a boy I ran up and down Lyon Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on my way to grade school. As a teenager I ran cross-country and track. As a middle-ager,…

God is One (of heart)

Thomas A. Boogaart I have often thought that the role of a biblical scholar is a little like that of a shaman. We journey from our familiar world and to a strange new world, the world of the Bible. Having…