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Tim Van Deelen

Tim Van Deelen is Professor of Forest and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He grew up in Hudsonville, Michigan, and graduated from Calvin College. From there he went on to the University of Montana and Michigan State University. He now studies large mammal population dynamics, sails on Lake Mendota, enjoys a good plate of whitefish, and gains hope for the future from terrific graduate students. 


Hind’s Hall

“Students occupying Hamilton Hall at Columbia have renamed it Hind’s Hall. Hind Rajab was a six year old girl murdered…
Tim Van Deelen
May 2, 2024


Distance hides it a bit but not too much. I checked the rearview and braked hard to turn south on…
Tim Van Deelen
March 21, 2024

School Buses

The most common school bus seats between 54 and 78 students and is between 21 and 39 feet long.
Tim Van Deelen
March 7, 2024

Blood on the snow

Reading blood in the snow is very nearly a disciplinary imperative although it’s imprecise. Blood means predator activity.
Tim Van Deelen
February 22, 2024


It should not be this warm, first week of February. But it felt good after a long spell of travel.
Tim Van Deelen
February 8, 2024