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We’ve been here before

Never Forget: We’ve Been Here Before Sybill was the second of two daughters born to Walter, a merchant, and his wife Margarete, in the south of Poland in 1931. Poland had been entrenched in one sort of political skirmish or…

Faith in the Upside Down

By Shannon Jammal-Hollemans I recently counseled a couple struggling with an obstacle in their relationship. One of them had made a mistake that had a significant impact on their family. The other was having a hard time forgiving their partner.…

Hello, My Name Is. . . Racist

by Shannon Jammal-Hollemans “Recently I asked my husband the simple question, ‘Did you empty the dishwasher yet?’ My intention was to find out if my favorite coffee cup was clean. Bruce, however, felt as if  I were monitoring him. Regardless…