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Scott Hoezee



The month of January for me has been mostly consumed with my teaching the course "Intersections of Theology and Science" here at Calvin Theological Seminary.   Hence my thoughts have been trafficking all month in the always fascinating, but sometimes complex,…
January 24, 2012

First Day

(Note: This post was actually my sermon-starter idea for the January 8 Lectionary text of Genesis 1:1-5 but it can serve as my meditation as 2011 ended and 2012 has now begun). “The first day.”   That is how this Year…
January 10, 2012


"A good sermon turns even known truth into profound realization."   That is one of many striking lines in a fine New York Times Book Review essay by Marilynne Robinson published on Christmas Day.  Robinson's point in the piece was to…
December 27, 2011

Private and Personal?

In the midst of this Advent Season when radio stations and mall Muzak are willing to cut loose with songs that celebrate Jesus as the one who "rules the world with truth and grace," an Op-Ed in Sunday's New York…
December 13, 2011

Debating Compassion

As I type this it is Thanksgiving Day morning and I am taking a break between peeling potatoes and prepping a turkey.   This is, of course, a day when we Americans pat ourselves on the back for being a God-fearing,…
November 29, 2011


As Christians—and most certainly as Trinitarian Christians who believe that God is a vibrant community of love and mutuality among three distinct Persons—we know that human beings created in the image of the Triune God were created for community.   But…
November 15, 2011

Setting Eternity

If you have been paying even moderate attention to the media of late, then you know the huge amount of attention that has been paid to Steve Jobs since his untimely death.   Some of the attention has gone to Walter…
November 1, 2011