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They Will Rise Fovermore

They stole like ravenous wolves into Canterbury Cathedral in the thickening dusk of December 29, 1170. Intent on bathing the sanctified space in blood, five English knights invaded this sanctuary that was dedicated to uniting God and humanity. Their target,…

Combating Correction Fatigue

I call it correction fatigue. Correction fatigue strikes when you are in the middle of grading students’ papers and you come to a paper that is filled with errors. The grammar and style are so bad that the intended meanings…

Let’s Stop Calling It Christianity

Let’s Just Stop Calling It Christianity by Scott Culpepper I experimented with chemistry in junior high. Not so much in the classroom as in the lunchroom. We did engage in a little curricular chemistry in class, though not nearly as…

The Graham Paradox

By Scott Culpepper I remember sitting in a seminary class in 1997 discussing revivalism. One of my fellow students fancied himself a bit of a comedian and excelled at impersonations. Assuming his best Billy Graham voice, he intoned with great…

Rediscovering Life in the Words

by Scott Culpepper Growing up in a traditional rural Baptist congregation, I was introduced at an early age to many nineteenth century hymns. One standard that we sang routinely was Phillip Bliss’ “Wonderful Words of Life.” We weekly expressed our…