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Spotty Memories

  By Rebecca Koerselman If you are a historian, you are required to like museums. And musty old books in forgotten sections of the library. And tweed jackets with elbow patches. But back to museums: I am not saying that…
May 25, 2015

Gender Goes Camping

By Rebecca Koerselman When examining religious traditions, including my own Reformed tradition, I’ve been fascinated by the ways that parents attempt to pass their beliefs on to their children. Many parents and grandparents express fears and concerns about employing the…
May 11, 2015

Making Value Judgments

by Rebecca Koerselman Teaching history requires me to walk a fine line between understanding and judgment. On the one hand, I want my students to try to understand people, decisions, and events in the past. Why did people do what…
April 27, 2015

Looking at the Past with Rose-Colored Glasses

by Rebecca Koerselman Our first apartment, while small, contained a novelty I had never enjoyed firsthand: free cable. I rarely watched most of the channels, but discovered something wonderful when I found TCM: Turner Classic Movies. No commercials, just old(er)…
April 13, 2015

Kiddos and the Bible

by Rebecca Koerselman Have you ever read the Bible to a child? Or teens? If so, how do you manage the dicey bits? Our two-year-old daughter especially enjoys the pictures of The Jesus Storybook Bible. We decided to read this…
March 16, 2015