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Melody Meeter


Church Years

for Myrtle Takken for her 95th YearGrandma walks toward Easter one more time;I see her walking not toward church but trees---trees of the farm she used to own:small persimmon hidden in the gully,chestnut in a corner of the cornfield,sugar pears…
February 21, 2021

The Lectionary Advantage

by Melody Meeter There are advantages to preaching from the lectionary. Think of millions of Christians, Protestant and Catholic, hearing the same texts on the same Sunday around the world---a powerful image of unity. Think of preachers struggling with the…
July 8, 2018

David’s Good Grief

By Melody Meeter Last week I told about a congregant’s close emotional connection to the Psalms and to David, who was, in her mind, The Psalmist. This week and next I want to reflect on the Revised Common Lectionary texts…
July 1, 2018

My David

By Melody Meeter Now we are in Ordinary Time and the Revised Common Lectionary has us listening to the story of David. This week we are directed to read portions from 1 Samuel 17 or 18: the story of David…
June 24, 2018

The Necklace

By Melody Meeter A few weeks ago I was visiting Robert in the inpatient hospice unit connected with our hospital. I knew him to be a religious man who thought deeply about matters of faith. The first time I met…
June 17, 2018