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Leanne Van Dyk


A Glory Story

We need not choose between the optimistic and pessimistic understandings of Peter's impetuous request - instead, we see both operating in Peter and we see both in ourselves.

Virtues for the Road Ahead

Have you ever noticed the sheer stubborn tenacity with which people hang on to their beliefs and opinions – even in the face of overwhelming counter evidence? Examples both trivial and monumental litter human history. People used to think that…

A Culture of Sufficiency

A decade or so ago it was all the rage, at least in the world I inhabit of theological education, to urge one another to reject a “culture of scarcity” and instead occupy a “culture of abundance.” We would critique…

Mary Oliver, Epiphany Poet

A friend of mine says that Mary Oliver saved his life. Her vivid opening line in the poem, “The Journey” pierced him with an urgent truth: One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the…