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Keith Starkenburg


I Came to Be Served

Jesus saves us by allowing us to offer ourselves, even in extravagant ways, to him. He serves us by being served. We need to give ourselves because we have something to offer. We need a place to offer ourselves that…

I Don’t Want to Scare You

We could see ourselves and others, our places and the places of others, as worthy of being left, forgotten, dismissed or erased. We could also, by the gift of God’s life in Christ, see what God sees: a fig tree…

Difficult Prayer

I’m finding that prayer is best done with difficulty and discomfort. I also want to initiate. I want to manufacture experiences. I want control. I confess that I want God’s life to be not only a creature, but a particularly…

Where to Find God

I grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota, near the edge of the Black Hills. Just behind my home was a church building that housed a number of different congregations over the years – a white evangelical church, a Native…

Having the Guts for Memory

By Keith Starkenburg Something happened in my intestines this week. The National Memorial for Peace and Justice and The Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama are opening later this month. The memorial and museum are projects of the Equal Justice Initiative…

A Birthday with the New York Times

By Keith Starkenburg Let me offer a confession. I don’t like growing older. On my birthday, I needed a little encouragement. Time seemed a great burden. So, I caught up on my New York Times reading. I found Nicholas Kristof’s…