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by Katy Sundararajan My family and I arrived at Bengaluru International Airport at around 11:30pm. We navigated the immigration lines, baggage claim, and customs for the next two hours, and were finally released into the cool night air of Bangalore,…


by Katy Sundararajan I am the one who prepares for the trips that we take in our household. My husband might dream up the trip, and he is always the one who buys the tickets. But, like it or not,…

When a Fiasco Happens

by Katy Sundararajan My family had a bit of a fiasco over Christmas break. After months of planning, weeks of prepping, and days of packing we were on the way to the Grand Rapids airport, the first leg of our…

Blending In

by Katy Sundararajan Back in college was when I first realized I might be mistaken for an Asian, at least in print. As “Katy Wing,” I received assorted pieces of Asian mail, including a lucrative scholarship offer one time, simply…


by Katy Sundararajan Have you traveled before, outside your home country? * Have you planned to stay in that place for a long time, maybe several months, or more? * Have you meticulously thought about your luggage for a trip,…