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Katy Sundararajan


The Little Tweak I’m Looking For

This past August I begrudgingly became aware of a persistent, annoying lower back pain. It wasn’t until October that I admitted my usual exercises and tricks to alleviate back pain were not working. It was no longer simply an annoyance,…
December 2, 2020

And then…

Recently, I’ve had several conversations with friends who I hadn’t heard from in quite some time. As you would expect, there were all sorts of stories to share. Some started us laughing, some quieted us after a deep sigh. Some…
November 7, 2020

Pointing Toward the Maker

On Thursday I allowed myself just over an hour and a half to make some Green Tomato Chutney. Two weeks in a row, my Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) farm share included green tomatoes, and while I had been excited to…
October 10, 2020

When Life Calls for a Lullaby

Back in college, when I still thought college was the most stressful thing that could happen to me, I developed a pretty workable self-calming practice. When the tension in my shoulders knotted too tight and my heart raced down the…
September 12, 2020

First Days and Other Beginnings

There were many things I was afraid of before I left for my study abroad semester in Chile back in the fall of 1996. Amidst a whole host of rational and irrational fears, the concern that troubled me most was…
August 29, 2020

A Gift Rises Up

Four months ago, as Michigan was beginning our Stay-at-Home orders, and Italy was in the thick of theirs, my husband showed me a YouTube video clip that has stuck with me. My husband has pretty eclectic musical tastes, and he…
July 18, 2020

Overlooking the Valley

Sometimes I have a hard time knowing how to attend to the largest crisis before me because of any number of tiny crises holding my hand, whispering in my ear, and pulling at my heart’s attention. When the world so…
June 20, 2020

Like a Dog on a Leash

When the early days of May arrive all bright and tulip-y, or drizzling on the bloom laden trees, or wind swept, or coronavirus-clad, I can’t help but recognize the bold and majestic strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” as my background…