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Jon Pott

Jon Pott is the former Editor-in-Chief of the William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company and The Reformed Journal. 


What creatures of place we all are. Dominant for many of us are the houses and neighborhoods from when we…
April 3, 2024

At 35,000 Feet

Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologize for the delay, but we are holding the plane for a family transferring from another…
February 24, 2023

From the Cottage Deck

In this one ambiguous and conflicted world on a sunny afternoon, thoughts remain of two young birds, still learning somewhere,…
August 25, 2022


We seem to be creatures of deep and ineffable yearnings which attach to one thing or another — which never…
February 24, 2022

In Her Time

Eighteen years ago this week, on a brilliant morning after a night snowstorm, we laid our ninety-three-year-old mother to rest.
January 26, 2022

Field of Dreams

“Fenway Park, in Boston, is a lyric little bandbox of a ballpark. Everything is painted green and seems in curiously…
September 28, 2021

Early Grace

It would have been around 1950 -- most likely, as now, with snow on the ground -- that I wrote…
February 10, 2021