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The Redemption of Ulysses S. Grant

By James Bratt Every now and then a past American president undergoes a radical change in historical reputation. The starkest case was probably that of Harry Truman who was single-handedly rehabilitated twenty-five years ago by David McCullough’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning biography. By…

Growing Into Pentecost

By James Bratt When I was a kid, I never got the big deal about Pentecost. For one, it didn’t come along with any special songs or meals. Compare that to Easter, where you could get both of those in…

Is Evangelicalism Christian?

by James Bratt I recently attended a conference at Notre Dame honoring the career of Mark Noll. As one of the most accomplished scholars of American religious history, as well as a person of deep faith, consummate integrity, and easy…

Confidence Game

by James Bratt Two weeks ago, in his post “Ordinary Dust,” Jason Lief memorably described one of those bad teaching days that every college professor—maybe any teacher at any level—will quickly recognize. The students are unresponsive to all of our…

“Let not many of you become bloggers”

Jim Bratt is away today. We welcome Branson Parler, Associate Professor of Theological Studies at Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His most difficult theological questions often come from his three kids, who are 5 and under. I enjoy reading…

Memo to Jessica, Part II

(Read Part I of the memo here. Read Jessica's original post here. And yes, they're related--Jim is Jessica's uncle.) Hi Jessica: Your follow-up dispatch on grad school highlights the importance of fitting vocation (ok, occupation) to personality. Extroverts will have to…