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James Bratt

James Bratt is professor of history emeritus at Calvin College, specializing in American religious history and especially the connections between religion and politics. Starting in Fall 2016 he took a break from blogging on The Twelve to teach in China and on the Semester at Sea, which venues afforded him some welcome distance from the USA’s descent into its current mortal illness. But now he’s back in the States, looking for hope. His most recent book (which he edited and completed for the late John Woolverton) is  “A Christian and a Democrat”: Religion in the Life and Leadership of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

My Affirming Flame

I can’t help being dogged by a sense of gray for all that. Slate gray, storm-cloud gray. And that’s because…
October 28, 2022

Stewing Over Synod

Beware of sinners, for they shall try to deceive you; but beware especially the saints, for they deceive themselves.
July 29, 2022