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Jes Kast


Goodbye (for now)

Dear 12 Community, If my memory is correct, we’ve been together about seven years. That’s a long a time together. That’s enough time to know the things we like about each other and the things that annoy us about each…

Gun Violence and Good Friday

We are the remnants of violence. We are the survivors. It’s the years after the horror of the gunshot that people don’t talk about. Those of us who remain, is it a blessing or a curse that we are still…

The Pursuit of Power

It was the first day of my fifth grade year and I was already excited about becoming a member of the safety patrol squad. That’s the responsibility and honor that fifth graders received as the oldest students of elementary. There…

The Grace of Ashes

With poise and grace she walked toward me as if we were about to enter a dance. She was the lead and I was to respond to her invitation. She walked with gentle authority that conveyed not many have refused…

Dr. King’s Dream Today

Honor Dr. King by honoring black women. That's what I decided to do last year and continue to do so this year. The best way for me to honor the essence of Dr. King and his work is by honoring…